SEASUCKER 15mm Thru-Axle Fork Mount

  • S$55.00

If you’re riding a bike with a through axle on the front, you have two options for mounting to a SeaSucker rack: use a Fork Up adapter, or use our new dedicated 15mm or 20mm fork mounts. The 15mm and 20mm fork mounts are bolt on, meant for people who are always using their rack with their thru0axle bike. According to our MTB pro Macky Franklin: “The 15mm fork mount is perfect. So much steadier than using the adaptor.”

To attach, unbolt the existing fork mount (you’ll need an adjustable or 7/16″ wrench and a 5/32 hex wrench). Place the new fork mount in position and bolt on using the same hardware you just removed from the original fork mount.

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